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جل التقشير الغنى باحماض الفواكه بتركيز 15% يساعد على التخلص من الحبوب فيصفى البشرة كما يحفز انتاج الكولاجين فتصبح البشرة مشدودة خالية من التجاعيد كما انه يسرع تجديد الخلايا فيساعد على التخلص من البقع والتصبغات

– Light, non-greasy, extra-strength exfoliating gel
– promotes smoother skin texture and a more even tone
– contains 15% Glycolic acid.
– suitable for non-sensitive oily or acne-prone skin.
Great for reducing ingrown hairs on face, neck and other areas regularly shaved

$ 52.00

REFINE – Glycolic Formulation – AHA 15
Oil-free Glycolic Acid gel moisturiser, lightweight for oily and acne prone skin.

NeoStrata Gel Plus – AHA 125ml
Experienced AHA users with oily skin use this exfoliating gel to promotes healthier looking skin, smoother texture and a more even tone.

This extra strength formulation is ideal for experienced users of Glycolic Acid and those who prefer a light non-greasy and fast-absorbing gel suitable for oily, acne prone skin or hot, humid climates. Glycolic Acid helps correct the visible signs of photoaging such as enlarged pores, uneven texture and pigment, and stimulates collagen synthesis for firmer, younger looking skin. As a highly effective exfoliant, this formula can also be used to help relieve ingrown hairs associated with pseudofolliculitis barbae. Fragrance-free.


•Extra strength formulation
– Visible signs of photoaging

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